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Everybody knows that there are many ways to educate our best friends, but it has been proved that all methods are not effective. There are people who take the dogs to a “school” and educate them for you. There are people who are not sensitive enough and they are too hard on dogs. Finally, there are people who try to achieve a certain behaviour giving too many snacks to the dog as a reward.

In my opinion, we have to find a balance among all of these training methods.

I think that go to your residence make the learning process easier, because we don’t confuse the dog with a change of the place, with different smells and unfamiliar people. So, you will take part in the whole process. My goal is to train the owner to educate his dog, since it is impossible to train your pet to obey to someone else. For this reason, I think that you must have an essential rol in all exercices.

If I would have to hurt a dog to educate him, I would do any other job.

I will show you how easy is to educate your dog through disconcert and surprise, without hurting or frightening the dog, to achieve certain behaviour of the animal. You mustn’t hit or maltreat dogs.

On the other hand, I also think that giving a reward to the dog every time we make him sit down, walk beside us, or not to climb onto the sofa, is not a good idea. Rewards can be used as a bonus to obtain certain behaviour. We mustn’t use rewards as a condition to achieve that behaviour.

The message can not be “if you sit down, I will give you a reward”, because the dog can choose “I’m not hungry, so there’s no need for me to sit down”. The dog has to understand “you have to sit down when I order you to do so”. To teach him to do as we want just do not give him more rewards and problem solved.

In addition, there is the problem of phobias. I’m really concerned about the improper use of medicines when people treat phobias. Medicines are abusively used in many cases, because on certain occasions we can treat them in another way, without needing to drug the dog.

Since my convictions are the ones I explained, I specialized myself in this working method. For this reason, I will be glad to visit you, know the family unit, explain you in more detail how I work, and clarify all your doubts.

Do you want more information? Do you have any doubts?