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I can help you to find the solution and ensure that your life together will be much more enjoyable.

Education & Therapies of the canine behavior at home.

If I would have to hurt a dog to educate him, I would do any other job.

Everybody knows that there are many ways to educate our best friends, but it has been proved that all methods are not effective. There are people who take the dogs to a “school” and educate them for you. There are people who are not sensitive enough and they are too hard on dogs. Finally, there are people who try to achieve a certain behaviour giving too many snacks to the dog as a reward. In my opinion, we have to find a  un balance among all of these training methods, to adapt to each dog and each situation.


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Hello, I’m Xavi and I’m mad about dogs. I like dogs since I was a child and even more when Bruna arrived at home. From that moment on, and for 14 and a half wonderful years, she was a member of my family. Bruna made me discover that I would be happy if I was in daily contact with dogs. That’s why I decided to dedicate myself professionally to educate and train dogs.

I studied the Modification of Behavior Module taught by Ken Sewell, a canine trainer, and the Assistance Dog Course, which provided me a lot of knowledge about dogs and its behavior. Thanks to my passion, my knowledge and my experience, from 2011, I work only and exclusively to professional level in the world of the dogs.

“Thanks for all Xavi, we are very happy and Leo too!”

Maribel M, owner of Leo, Girona

“Tango to his teacher: Dogs loves Xavi Burgos”

Anna, owner of Tango, Platja d'aro

“Thank you very much Xavi!!”

Odei, Braco de Weimar de 4 meses y medio, GironaMaria i Leigh, owners of Odei, Girona